Life in the Heart of God

The other day, your dad and I were meeting with our friend Carma and she said something so beautiful. I wish I would have written it down then but I didn’t so I will have to paraphrase.

She was talking about how babies come from the heart of God, where they have been for all eternity, and into life for “such a time as this.”

You have been in the heart of God.  He knew when and where he would make you, who your parents would be (us! The lucky ones!), and when you would be born. As you have been growing inside of me you have remained in the heart of God.

Babies and kids understand this more than we adults do…as time goes by we seem to lose sight of our “Belovedness.” I pray you never lose that. And that you walk in the knowledge that you are loved by God every moment of every day of your entire life.

We were talking about a few stories related to this idea. One was of a Sunday school class where they were talking about the creation and the teacher said “What do you think it would have been like to be there?” And a kid in the class answered with confidence “I don’t have to wonder, I was there. I was in God’s heart even then.”

Another story was of how a three or four year old asked to have time alone with her baby sister (or brother…I don’t remember the specifics). And when given the chance her parents overheard her ask her sister “What’s God like? I am beginning to forget.”

I pray for protection over your heart from this day as you grow and move in me until the day God brings you Home at the end of your life.

You are loved.


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