Yesterday was the 28th…which means that we were officially one month away from your due date. Today…I guess we are one-month-minus-one-day, but there is no telling how early or late you might be.

 It’s my last day off before I finish work officially on Sunday, so today Penny and I were walking buddies. Your dad has been out of town this week and so I’ve been trying to keep up with a few walks a day to get some energy out of the dog. (From the sound of her jumping and playing in the other room it appears that I failed).

We did walk about an hour and a half around Cedar Lake this morning and then another long one this evening around the neighborhood.

Penny is quite the socialite, attracting attention from the neighbors and random people. There are two little girls down the street that run to come pet her when we walk by. I wish she wouldn’t greet people with her mouth…that is something we will have to work on. 

While we were out I was trying to focus on all the beautiful green around. Something you’ll learn about living in the North is that you have to soak in the color green while you can. A month or two after you are born, the leaves will fall and the grass will start to fade to brown. Another month and the ground will be covered with white until late-March or April.

But for now it’s beautiful everywhere! People’s gardens are overflowing. Trees hang heavy with beautiful green leaves. 

Some other greats of this season: there is a grasshopper that is living happily and noisily around the back corner of the house. Today as Penny and I rested in the afternoon it sang for hours. It reminds me of back in Missouri where the cicadas and grasshoppers are constant background music to the summer season.

And our incredibly generous neighbors! The Hakes have been giving us carrots and raspberries from their garden. And tonight Chris on the other side of the house gave us two huge zucchini23 and some green beans! More green!

Time to get to work planning out some meals. Our new one-income budget means a bit more planning and a bit less grabbing whatever sounds good!


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