We love you!

Today, a friend of ours whose due date was only one day different than ours went into labor. At this point they might even have their baby! And I am ecstatic for them.

And for us!

It was a reminder that you could start your arrival anytime. ANYTIME. It could be today or it could be weeks after your “due date.” But holy cow, we are excited for you to come and we love you a ton. Your dad reminds me to call him if I go into labor everytime he goes to work. I have to start every conversation with your Grandma Benz with “Hi. Don’t worry I’m not in labor.”

It makes me laugh to think that if I happen to go into labor next week, we will have Anna living here…who will be dog-sitting for a friend, the normal chaos of Penny, Jason and I, my parents, and for a few days Jason’s parents and their friends Larry and Linda PLUS you, and your newness to the world. I just think about the wildness of bringing you home with all of these people and four-legged friends in-and-out and I. just. LAUGH!


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