Pre-baby Staycation

Your due date is 13 days away. We now know three couples that have had their babies early (within the past week and a half). So, now I have to re-figure my mind and stop wondering every night as I go to sleep: “Am I going to go into labor tonight??” I need to get back to planning on you to be late. So…I have decided to mentally prepare myself for you to arrive in three weeks, and try to stop wondering when. 

Today was day two of your dad and my “staycation.” Yesterday, for day 1, we went to the farmers market and got some sweet corn and cantaloupe; then to an estate sale; then to see one of Jason’s co-worker’s new house. Kari came over and took some maternity photos, then Kari, Anna and I watched several episodes of “Cake Boss.”  Finally we ate some sweet corn and BLT’s (with tomatoes fresh from the garden) for dinner out on the back porch. We ended up at Sonic for some late night dessert. Absolutely lovely!

We went to church this morning, then out to Cedar Lake for a long walk with Penny and a picnic lunch. It was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day. The weather was perfect. Later tonight we have dinner with the Dressels. But first, some afternoon naps!


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