New Life Patterns


Each time that you fall asleep, I am faced with a decision: what do I try to get done during this nap segment before I try and nap myself? Sometimes it is make myself a meal. Sometimes soak in the tub like the Dr. recommended to help me heal. Sometimes throw a load of laundry in, or read a quick chapter. Sometimes it is check email or facebook because that requires no mental energy at all. Sometimes it is call or email so-and-so back. 

Not too much gets done on our current schedule, as your dad is back at work and I’m trying to cover the night time schedule so he can sleep. I am trying to take everyone’s advice to “sleep when the baby sleeps,” whenever possible.

But these are not complaints! (More along the lines of life-is-different-now-how- fascinating). It is such a lovely life with you! You are my full time job and my full time joy.

The other night I let you rest on a pillow in between us, (in between feedings). I dozed a bit (although I am constantly on guard for each noise you make when you are that close). At some point I woke up and saw your face and was just shocked at how incredibly beautiful and perfect you were. You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life.


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