Our Morning

My dear little Judah,

As you are laying on the boppie nursing, let’s recap this morning:

After a night of being up every few hours we woke up at 4:30. You ate. Peed. Ate some more. Peed some more. Ate. And eventually settled for a nap around 7.

8:30. Awake. Peed. Ate. Explosive poop. Ate. Took a break. Ate some more. In the meantime my sweatpants and nursing tank top suffered from the explosive poop and needed to be changed.

Then you were awake and exploring the world with your eyes until about 11:45. Then we took a nap. I set my alarm for 3 thinking that surely you would  need a solid nap.

It’s currently 12:15. Awake. Peed. Eating.

It is a good thing you are so dang cute.



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