Happy Three Weeks of Life

Hi, sweet boy.

I had such a great day hanging out with you today. You are truly a joy. You even let me sleep three hours in a row last night…TWICE! Thanks. I felt like a new woman this morning after all that rest.

You are three weeks old today. It’s been an amazing three weeks. We spent the whole morning savoring our time together. We snuggled and napped a bit, looked around, and just hung out. Then this afternoon you took a long nap and gave me a few hours.

So I got a chance to put up the dishes. Your dad has been amazing cooking, meal planning and keeping the house clean. He is absolutely incredible. Today was one of the first days I helped, somewhat. I put away the dishes that he washed. It’s a start.

I had time to make and enjoy some tea! Tea has just taken too much effort lately. But today, I made it and enjoyed several cups while you rested.

I kept you in the room with me and you rested in your car seat which is one of your favorite sleeping spots.

Love you, Little Bug. Thanks for a great day.


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