7 Weeks.

This is being typed one-handed. My new found skill, since I had you is typing with you occupying one arm.

It has been seven weeks since you were born. But it seems like we have known you as a part of our life for so much longer.

This week has been a GREAT week of sleep so far. Friday night you went down and about 6 hours later I woke up and realized you had slept that long. So I fed you, and we slept for another good three and a half hours. The next night…was not so good. But since then, you’ve managed two nights of 5 hours in a row. Last night you did it twice! Good job! 

Your naps during the day are completely irregular at this point, but I enjoy your nighttime sleeping routine so much that it’s no big deal. 

You are getting so strong. You are always lifting your head and are pretty well able to support it on your own. You love to practice standing up and use those leg muscles.

You are a really happy baby most of the time. It’s so fun to see your smiles and hear you start to “talk.”

I’m trying to remember what else is your “norm,” because your norm is constantly changing and you are growing and growing. And I can’t imagine you finding this stuff interesting in the future. But I will. I want to remember the little moments and changes.

But for now, I will just enjoy you taking a nap on my chest. Love you, little bug.

Don’t grow too fast.


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