Interrupted Meals

This is how it goes whenever I think about eating breakfast or lunch (while your dad is at work). You usually get fussy and need to be held so I make the meal one-handed. Have you ever tried to put peanut butter on toast with one hand? It is really something.

Somehow my hunger timing is connected with yours and you let me know. I try to reason with you that it’s really in your best interest to let me eat so that my body can provide food for yours. But…you rarely listen to reason. (Odd, I thought those thinking skills developed by two months).

So we get you eating and I either try to eat one handed or not. (One-handed spaghetti eating over a baby’s head is not recommended).  And if not I usually gaze longingly at my plate once in a while.

It’s about this time that Penny gets involved. She either comes over and to lick your head or begins whining to go outside. Today it was both. I tried to fend her off with one hand while she was licking, and then she commenced the whining.

So we interrupted your meal, after you had interrupted my meal and take her outside.

Dog outside, you finished eating and I had some of my toast.

Some day when I’m old and gray, I will sit through an uninterrupted meal and wonder when my life got so boring.


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