This morning I was cleaning and dusting around the frame of your first ultrasound picture. And I remembered that day and just how beautiful it was to see you after being afraid the something was wrong. I remembered that I had written an email to three of my best friends and searched for that email. Here is part of it.

“So we went into the ER and they couldn’t find the heartbeat and that was terrifying so then they said they would have to do the ultrasound. One of the coolest experiences of my life. Oh my gosh. I have loved…or strongly liked the idea of this kid so far in pregnancy, but last night I fell in love with the actual living, breathing, heart-beating, thumb-sucking (really…we could see the jaw moving as he or she suck his or her thumb!).   Jason said it was cool because it was the first time he realized “Wow, that’s a part of us.”   For me, it made the pregnancy so much more real than before. Like there really really is a baby in there and I saw it. Oh man…I cannot get enough of this kid already.”
At this moment, you have just finished eating and are resting with your head on my shoulder and my cheek on your head. You make me so very happy, little man.


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