A year ago, it was me, your dad, and crazy Penny.

Thanksgiving came and we stayed in town. Our friends Kurt and Jessi came and we spent days talking and dreaming together. We cooked our first Thanksgiving meal together.

I was working full time in the nursing home. I worked in the activities department bringing diversion and recreation to otherwise routine days of the residents who lived there. I hope I remember all the stories of that place to tell you someday. They were quite the group of characters at times.

Sundays were one of my favorite days there (even though I didn’t love working every other weekend). We had a Lutheran church service and I loved listening to the off-tune singers and liturgy. We had one man who I will call Bert, who would sing at the top of his lungs. He was always off-key and always a line or two ahead/behind the rest of the group. And even some of our more severe Alzheimer’s patients who couldn’t remember where/who they were and could barely converse, would sing every line of amazing grace by heart.

I also had the job of preparing a devotion for the floor that had less functioning Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients.

I don’t know why, but I loved that time of preparing. After making toast on Sunday morning I would spend 45 minutes preparing a devotion. I knew that most of them wouldn’t remember it five minutes later…but maybe for those few minutes that they were listening they would feel extra peace.

At any rate, I remember the final weeks of advent, I was going through my own season of waiting. I wasn’t ready to take a pregnancy test but I was quietly waiting like Mary who “treasured up all these things in her heart.” And then, a few days before Christmas we decided to find out for sure.

And the rest is history.

All that…completely off-track of what I got online to say. But oh well.

I was getting online to say that you went into the nursery at church today for the first time. You did great, napping for the most part, they said.

The thing is, I didn’t realize I would be ready for you to go into the nursery yet. Last time we were at church was two weeks ago (before our trip to MO) and I thought I would never be ready for you to grow up enough to be in with the other kids. Kind of like a few weeks before we moved you into your crib, I never thought I would be ready for that.

That gives me hope that I will be able to let go of you, as you need me to. To let you be big enough to go do things like kindergarten, driving a car, going off to college, getting married and starting a family of your own. 

And to let you go more and more, as you need me less and less.

Because I want you to grow and have a great life of your own! We’ll always be here, loving you…but you were not made to be my little baby forever…you’ll grow, you’ll move out on your own and we’ll let go and be thankful for each stage with you that we’ve had.

Like this stage…today, I dressed you up in your shirt that has a tie.

And your dad made you ride the dog…

All in all, a great day with you in this season of life.


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