Dear Judah,

From the rocking chair in your room where I nurse and rock you, I can see my own bed. And usually, at night, your dad is in it and the empty spot where I belong looks so very inviting. Now that it’s winter, I know that he has thoughtfully turned on the heated blanket to warm my side of the bed. And it’s waiting there.

I love rocking you and spending quiet time with you before bed. And in this time, (partially influenced by a rare rough nights sleep last night where you were up 5 or 6 times— that hasn’t happened since the tiny newborn stage!), I have decided we need to start working on getting to bed earlier. You are a night owl and have been up to 11:30 or 12 every night…since…always. 

But, I hear rumors about these kids that go to bed at 7 or 8 and sleep through the night. If we could work on that, your dad and I could have some time together at the end of the night and THEN we could even go to bed at the same time.

I still love our time together. I am just looking forward to being a wife, to working on some craft projects, or just to relaxing and letting my mom-ing skills rest for the night.

Don’t worry, we won’t work on this idea until after our trip to visit family.




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