Well…it’s 11:30. My attempt to get you to bed earlier, failed. Sigh. I will try again tomorrow. Trying to establish a routine. Bath, last feeding in the dark, lullaby music playing. Then you fell asleep the first time at 9 and I came triumphantly downstairs to tell your dad. We had about ten minutes of conversation before I heard you fussing upstairs.

I have to keep sight on the positives though. You are learning to play in your crib and start to get yourself to sleep. You fell asleep several times on your own that way but then things out of our control happened (i.e. the dog barking). And you woke up. But in the end, you did put yourself to sleep again (even if I did cave in and feed you again around 10:30. So…things are happening. 

Today, in my second day of efforts to get out of the house with you daily, we went to the thrift store with Lizzie and Nash. (Yesterday we went and visited my old work). It was great. I got a ton of fabric. You seem to enjoy getting out.



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