Four Months!

You are four months old today. It happened so fast that it took a text from your Grandma for me to remember.

This has been such an amazing month of watching you become more of a little person.

Your little personality is developing. You are smiling all the time. Mornings are still your favorite. You love people and don’t seem too partial about who you are around. Your sense of humor is forming. Singing is hilarious as are certain voices that we make and getting attacked by kisses.  Making you laugh is a new highlight of ours.

Changes seem to happen so quick. All of a sudden one day you could see across the room. You started grabbing everything and are getting better at directing the things you want into the desired location (generally your mouth). Drooling and chewing things are some of your hobbies.

Your smile takes up your whole face now, when you are really excited. And you’ve started to hide your face when you are smiling flirtatiously.

You notice toys, colors, and noises. You are fascinated by watching us eat or drink. You are easily distracted while eating, which makes it an added challenge for me. 

You are so strong. You keep trying to pull yourself up with your abs. Rolling over is all of a sudden easy for you. You are starting to balance when you are helped into the sitting position. Today I helped you into crawling position and you wanted to move so bad, but you fell over instead. You hold yourself up easily though.


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