Dear Wiggle-worm

I just realized today that some of my top daily moments with you are when you are just waking up. And now I realize why: that is one of the only times you snuggle up against me and push your head against my neck like when you were a “baby.” I say “baby” because you are trying your hardest to move beyond this stage of life…quickly I might add.

You seem to be getting frustrated that you cannot get up and move around. You are always sitting up and alert while I am carrying you. You are wiggling all over the place during diaper changes and when I dress you after baths. You are always on the move.

Today, you rode around in Bjorn and helped me make a cake for your dad’s birthday. (His birthday was yesterday…we are going to celebrate more this weekend). I had made one yesterday that was a disaster and thought I would try again today. Definite improvement (yesterdays stuck to the pan, was crusty, and fell to pieces), but pretty dry. I will conquer baking someday.

Also today while you were sitting in the bouncy seat and we learned a new game. You would scream. I would make a loud noise back. You would laugh and then we would start it all over again. This game lasted for about twenty minutes.

Your bedtimes are getting better. We are starting to let you “fuss” it out. If you really start crying, I head in there, but sometimes you just let out a few yells and put yourself back to sleep. I am REALLY proud of you for learning to put yourself to sleep. You did it last night and at naptime today and tonight!! Last night you slept off and on from 9-11 but then 11 – 5 you slept soundly. And from 5-8, you slept some more. We’ll count that as almost 11ish hours.

Goodnight. We love you.


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