Yes, Mr. White Bear, it is unfortunate that we didn’t come up with a more creative name for you.

I remember when we got you…or rather two of you. The first time I got you, as a baby gift I thought: Oh. An average teddy bear. I apologize but it’s true. The second time someone gave you to us, I thought: What in the world are we going to do with two of these things?

Oh, but how you have redeemed yourself. Somehow, out of all the toys, Judah has chsen you as a soother. If he’s fussy in bed, we just give you to him and he squeezes you, chews on your head and puts himself back to sleep.

And there are two of you! Now, if one of you has to be washed, there is a back-up.

So now, with spit encrusted fur, you are even more beautiful to me than the day we met.

Any friend of my son’s is a friend of mine.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

(It’s a shame about your upcoming eye removal…but we gotta keep Judah safe. You understand.)


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