Dear Judah,

Last night you put yourself to sleep in your crib playing with your bear.

This morning we woke up at 10 am. 10 AM!!! You slept in. You woke up about three times last night but one was because your diaper had leaked and your sheets needed changing.

Right now, you have been napping for close to an hour IN YOUR BED!

I am ecstatic. Seriously. Two great nights of sleep in a row and two (going on three) great days of napping. I am giddy with excitement about your sleep right now.

And maybe it’s not here to stay. Maybe we’ll have some more rough nights. But holy cow. The old Judah is back!

Someday, you will understand after close to a month of little sleep how much a few good nights is the best gift a little boy could give.

Thank you!!

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