5 Months

I am sitting on the footrest beside your crib right now. You woke up shortly after I got you to sleep and I am letting you get yourself back to sleep.

Happy Five Months!!

The months seem to be going faster and faster lately. This will go down as the month where none of us slept very well. All of a sudden your sleeping schedule went wild.

You have grown so much more social. It’s amazing to watch how you are starting to connect with people and notice more. You smile at us across the room. You do a little smiley dance when your dad comes home. You laugh a lot.

You still love mornings, but now you have spread out your joy throughout the day.

You love chewing everything and exploring everything with your mouth. 

You grab everything, especially faces. You have started grabbing people’s hair too, which is painful.

You have gotten so much louder.

You are ticklish now, on your sides.

You still watch us eat, but you also move your mouth as if you were chewing too. Which is hilarious.

You have had your first cereal this month. We don’t do it every day, but you enjoy it.

You are still loving standing up and lately you have been practicing sitting. You are starting to get really good at it. Today you sat for a couple minutes before you toppled over.

(Sitting up)

(And…losing balance)

And you have learned how to get yourself to sleep (not always). On that note, I should get some sleep myself!


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