My Dear One,

You have had a day… When we took you to the Dr.’s office this afternoon (your dad had taken off early to come help, which made my day) we found you had another ear infection. That explains it all.

You are not a snuggly, sleepy, whimpering baby when you are sick.

You are a thrashing, screaming, hard to calm, don’t want to eat or sleep, kind of sick baby. The only way we could get you to sleep today was in the car, and those naps were short-lived. But at some moments you’ll cheer up and we’ll see a glimpse of your usual smiley, laughing demeanor, and then we’re back to your not feeling well mode.

As I write this…I realize I cannot complain. There is another mama whose blog I read, who is in the hospital with her sweet baby tonight for the sixth night.

And I just read about a different mom who is losing a battle with cancer but is just thankful for the time she has.

Perspective. It’s an ear infection. We’re grateful that the doctor diagnosed you, and we can treat you quickly. In a few days you should be back to your happy self.

But until then we will walk the road with you until you feel better, screaming and all.

For now, it’s a moment of grace. You are asleep, in your car seat again (it must feel good to be propped up, because that’s the only place you have been sleeping the past few days ). And I’m about to head to bed as well, in hopes that you will rest well tonight, and tomorrow is a better day.

Good night. Sleep tight. We love you.


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