6 Months and 200 Posts


This is the 200th little letter I’ve written to you on this blog. Wow. 

Here is a glimpse of the past month:

-The song about the green and speckled frogs gets you smiling and laughing EVERYTIME. Another thing that makes you smile is clapping. If someone claps, you’re fascinated.

-Mornings aren’t as fascinating to you anymore. I think the novelty of waking up has worn off. Or maybe it’s just because you have been kind of sick the past two weeks? You are still generally a happy baby throughout the day. And you still smile when you see us first thing in the morning.

-Your coordination is improving. You are curious about everything and reach out to it all. Sometimes you almost lunge out of my arms towards the object of interest. You are really able to throw your body weight around. And you are starting to notice when we take things away, and getting a little mad about that.

-You don’t want to lay down anymore. It’s sitting or standing for you, big kid!

-You have started sitting on your own and playing with toys. Everything still goes straight to your mouth— your favorite mode of exploring.

-I always put a pillow behind you…it’s only a matter of time before you fall back. You then strain and strain with all your might to sit back up. But, I have to help you. Someday, Buddy, someday.

We are starting to introduce new foods to you in the coming weeks. I’m excited about that.

Yesterday we took some pictures. Since I couldn’t pick just one…here are a bunch!

Coming up next month: crawling?


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