Epic Bedtime Fail

Last night we got you to bed and your dad looked at me and said, “Woah, we have free time before we are too tired. What do we even do?” And you slept GREAT. You woke up hungry around 4 and I fed you. You then slept in until nine.

I made a mental list of the things we had done so I could reenact them tonight (i.e. feeding you avocados and cereal before I nursed you one more time).

I did them…all of them tonight. Got you to bed SO quick and around 7:30.

I went downstairs and your Dad said “Wow! Already?” I said “Yes. I am going to take a long bath.”

I got the bathwater perfect. It was the first one in a long, long time. And I settled in with a book. And then…I heard you screaming. Your dad tried to calm you. I tried to calm you (albeit in a towel because I had to leave my bath unplanned).

And now it’s ten and you are not back to sleep.

It reminds me of the other night about a week ago where we would lay you down and you would cry. We tried turning on music and you relaxed and fell back asleep. You woke up several more times throughout the night. We tried the same method: success! We thought AHA! We have figured it out.

And the next night we tried again. Nope. It didn’t work for you. At all.

Sigh. At least you are sleeping through the night better.


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