What I like About Now

We are back from Chicago, and you and I have worn our pj’s all day everyday since. It’s been great being lazy with you and to get you back into a routine…which is actually better than our routine before we left. Let’s just say it involves an 8 or 9 o’clock bedtime. And that means I have time with your dad.

The past two nights, we have sat and read and talked together before bed, which sounds like nothing special, but it actually really is.

I don’t know that I think of you in terms of baby anymore. You are moving all over the place. Not crawling yet, but throwing yourself into crawling position, reaching, sliding, standing, rolling. Yesterday I brought in this from the garage and you loved practicing standing on your own. It usually ended in a tumble to the floor, but I was pretty impressed.

Nap times have been more regular in the past few days.

Your grandma taught you to make a clicking noise with your tongue while we were in Chicago and you use it all the time. I think it’s hilarious. You seem to think that it’s the way we communicate excitement or things like “So good to see you!”


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