Dear Judah,

It’s been busy lately. Last week we had some visitors. First the Millers, than our friend Anna, and then Aunt Mal. It was so fun to have a house full for about a week and a half. This week, your dad was out of town for only 36 hours, (but it felt like a lot longer).

It’s been so busy that I haven’t really had the camera out much.

The weather has been incredible and there are buds on the trees. Hope of spring is here! We have been walking, walking, walking again! I am so glad to be doing that again. You me and Penny walk during the day. Sometimes you’re in the stroller, but mostly you’re in the Bjorn. (Steering a dog and a stroller is a challenge!). Then when your dad is home we walk all together in the evenings. We all are loving spring!!

Today we went to the park with some friends. You had your first experience swinging and thought it was great!

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