Dear Judah,

Tonight, a friend of mine was going to come over and hang out/watch a movie. I was excited to have some adult conversation because it’s just been you and me this weekend (your dad has a work training until tomorrow evening).

Well, it got to be around 7:30 and you were cranky so I put you to bed.

Then it was 8:00 and it hit me that my friend (who is in a different stage of life than me, i.e. no kids) probably doesn’t start anything social until late. Then I started calculating hours of what time it would be if we started a movie in an hour…and I thought ooooh no! I’m going to be exhausted.

It struck me as crazy that when I made plans it didn’t even occur to me that other people don’t look forward to early bedtimes, even on a Saturday night. [Those people probably don’t several times a night. And they also might not have a little someone who likes to get up between six and seven every morning].

But it was just one of those moments that I realized, how different our life is from eight months ago.

And I wouldn’t change a thing.


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