Eight Months.

More pictures to come…it has been busy and we haven’t done your eight month photo shoot.

The day before you turned 8 months, you crawled. I think you just wanted to squeeze one more accomplishment into your seventh month of life. It was so fun to watch.  I sent your dad a video.

I was just reading over last months notes. I considered you “crawling” then…but really, you haven’t been until today.  You still don’t have the mechanics all figured out. Getting across the room is hard.

Actually you have been more content to let us hold your hands and let you “walk” everywhere. You are pretty good at locking your hips up and refusing to sit down.

The other day you did that around Penny for the first time (while I acted like a human shield). We followed her around the first floor. You were smiling and laughing. She was going nuts with excitement. I don’t know which one of you enjoyed it more. You two are buddies…as much as we allow it (we still have to protect you from her enthusiasm until you are big enough). A new favorite trick is when you are in your high chair reaching down and letting her lick your hands and LAUGHING.

It hasn’t been a great month of sleep. We’ll get there eventually. You have been a bit spoiled sleeping next to us though. We’re still recovering form our trip to Missouri, and hopefully we’ll get back into a routine.

You got to do so many different things this month: swinging, riding in the strollers, wagons, on a mini-tractor. You went on two trips (Missouri and our roadtrip with Dad). You met your younger cousins for the first time.You swam in a pool (and pooped in a pool…).

You have a TOOTH! It’s your bottom-left-front tooth. This came up last week while we were in St. Louis. I think you’re working on your second.

You can sit up on your own. And tonight you figured out how to stand up in your crib.

You are developing all of these skills so quickly. It’s incredible to watch.

You sat “dadadada” and you say it a lot when your dads around. Sometimes when you get really mad you say “”mamamama.” I can’t tell yet if you really associate those sounds with us or not.

You are developing a more complex personality, and it’s fun to get to know each side of you. You have a temper and have learned to SCREAM when you are mad (i.e. put in the crib or in the car-seat too long). You are a bit shy around new people at first. You just sit back and take it all in. But when you are comfortable you talk ALL the time.


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