Happy 9 Months of Life!

[I love this picture because of your Dad’s face.]


As I write this, you are avoiding a nap. It’s been a wild month. 

Sleep: it is crazy to look back even to just last month and think that you weren’t sleeping well. And you weren’t sleeping in your crib very often. Now you are in bed between 6 and  6:30 most every night. You don’t sleep through the night entirely, but generally only wake up a couple times. And then you’re up around 6:30. I NEVER thought I would see the day where you were in bed for 12 hours…never. And here we are. We’ve made it! 

Movement: This has been a huge month of movement. You crawled at the end of last month and have been EVERYWHERE ever since. You get into everything. Crawl laps around your room or the first floor. You still love walking and holding our hands, but have been enjoying this new-found independence. You are able to pull yourself up on everything and do that constantly. You also can walk while holding yourself up. You’ll start at one end of the couch, hold on and walk yourself over to the futon. Then you’ll make the risky transition from couch to futon and walk the length of it also! 

Teeth: You now have TWO teeth. One on top, one on bottom. They are growing and growing.

Meals: You eat around three meals a day. We are still nursing throughout the day, but not as much. You have loved

Exploring: You are bold in your explorations everywhere we go. Everything holds interest to you. You pick something up and try to figure it out. 

Noise: You are a NOISY kid. You make these manly grunt/growling noises as you move yourself around (I will post a video later). You yell and talk and laugh. I love your laugh. 

Joy: Your dad and I were just talking last night about what an incredibly happy baby you are. It doesn’t take much to make you smile. And that smile! I still love it everytime. 

We didn’t do any travel this month, but your grandma came to visit which was so fun. Now we have a clean house and a freezer stocked full of meals that are ready for us! We dedicated you at church this month. I will post pictures from that later. It has been such a fun month with you. 

Your dad’s busy season of work has begun and I’ve been doing a lot more photography, so we have been keeping busy around here! 


[Super blurry, but this is how you sleep at night. I lay you on your back and within a few seconds you have rolled to your belly with your butt in the air].


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