One Month Without Minnesota


This morning you, me, your dad and Penny walked around Lake Calhoun. The air was 70 degrees, it was overcast and we soaked in our time together. Because tomorrow, you and I are headed to Missouri (your dad will follow next week, he has a work trip). We will be there for a month. 

I love Missouri. I love our families that we will visit. But we are leaving 70 degree days for 100 degree plus 100% humidity days.

We are leaving slow quiet days for wild chaotic days family. Both kinds of days have their great parts. 

In a few minutes, I will leave to pick up your Aunt Stef at the airport who is driving with down the “Highway of the Saints” to St. Louis. This is your first drive there. Instead of our usual one hour flight, it will be a nine plus hour drive through fields in Iowa, on into Missouri hills. I have no idea how you will do but I plan on leaving during the afternoon nap and that way you should be able to sleep most of the time.

We’re also bringing the dog, who is terrified of cars and drools the entire time she rides in one. We have only driven with her once. And her blanket was literally dripping in drool by the time we got there. 

Here we go, Little One. 


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