New words and activities.


Bubbles (pronounced bubbas)— We read a book called “Bubbles Bubbles.”

Bear (pronounced beh)— You have a few stuffed bears that you sleep with. Whenever we go in to get you in your crib you first crawl around to grab at least one (if not all) of the bear(s). 


Climbing: You have mastered climbing onto and off of the your dad and my bed. You have figured out climbing onto the couch, but the getting down part is still a bit of a mystery. You love climbing the stairs. And today you climbed into the bathtub on your own. 

Stirring: Whenever I cook lately, you seem to want to be held. So we usually end of “stirring” together. You hold the end of the spoon while I hold the other part and we cook!

Dancing: You have started dancing, just a little. You and I have a song that we dance to together (Noche Nada by Givers), and whenever I turn it on you come running.

Comprehension: You are really understanding what we say more and more. “Do you want to take a bath?” has you running towards the stairs to get in the tub. “Where’s your bear?” has you searching around the room. “Go show daddy” has you running over to dad with whatever is in your hand. 


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