Valentines Day

Dear Judah and baby,

We had a nice, relaxing Valentines Day together last night.

Little Baby, you are finally letting my appetite increase and food sounds good again. I also am getting some energy back and have been cooking like crazy lately. Your dad asked me last night as I made fancy things “So…you’re nesting, right?”  Yes… I think so. And if it continues until you’re born, you might just be born into a spotless house with gourmet meals… We’ll see.

So we stayed in and made a picnic dinner in the living room. Which…when marinara sauce is involved sometimes means a knee in your plate and eating the rest of the meal pants-less. We had zucchini sticks and cheese sticks.

Then your dad gave you a bath while I made a fancier dinner for after you went to bed. Your dad and I watched a movie and ate a quiet, yummy, dinner where we didn’t have to get up and down a million times throughout the meal. And we watched a movie and stayed up way to late!


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