Dear Judah,

Sometimes I feel like I’m raising Dennis the Menace. You’re not a bad kid, by any means. But you are curious and your energy far surpasses mine. Like this morning, while I was trying to fold laundry and suddenly saw you with a huge bowl full of water…that immediately was all over the laundry room floor. (Which is cement with a drain, thank goodness).

Then at lunch, I was eating my sandwich while you were sitting in your chair, and I hear you say “Oooooh, a kitty!” and I look over to find you digging into your bread with your fingers and making art. Your dip was smeared all around the tray like finger paint and you were so excited.

So we added a new verse to Old MacDonald:

“Old MacDonald had a farm,


and on that farm he had Judah


with a MESS MESS here and a MESS MESS there. Here a MESS there a MESS everywhere a MESS MESS”

You loved it of course.

This morning’s activity was an easy one. Sticking spaghetti noodles through the colander. It was a hit and the mess factor wasn’t too bad.

We spent the rest of the morning at Richardson Nature Center exploring, climbing and digging in the mud.



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