“Joy is the fruit of gratitude.
And gratitude is rooted in perspective.
And when one’s rooted in Christ, one has been given the gift of eyes that really see.
So joy is always possible.
As long as thanks to God is possible, joy is always possible.
Joy is always possible.”

(Ann Voskamp)
Sometimes these days are my favorite. It was a calm Monday and we had no plans but a trip to the grocery store. We played around the house. I made pumpkin bread, yogurt, and enough pancakes to last us through the next few weeks. It wasn’t anything special, but I’m grateful for the beautiful ordinary-ness of it.

(Our little Huck Finn who requested “Shirt off!”)

(The ever-shrinking view of my toes).

Then it was your dad’s graduation from the fire academy. Which for Judah meant running around and getting to climb on “Sirens” (fire trucks). We are really proud of your dad for all the hard work he has put into his school, on top of being a dad/husband and working a full-time job.


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