Dear Judah,

Today you and I spent a few hours at Ikea. We got there before it opened, so we headed to the cafe and had a breakfast date together. Then we explored. You had SO much fun opening EVERY drawer and cabinet in EVERY kitchen of the showroom.

We were there to pick up this table:

I have some plans to re-do it a bit for your bedroom. I’m so excited about the two little chairs that you and your sibling can sit on and play together down the road. You were really excited to have your size chairs too. . .but mostly you were excited about helping me put it together.

We opened the box and you immediately started grabbing everything out. I hid the screws and little pieces that I knew we couldn’t do without and then I let you play with the different pieces of wood. The next thing I knew, you were putting things together EXACTLY the way that they should have gone. It was incredibly impressive to watch you fit all the pieces together.

I let you turn the screws and get them into place and as we would get each piece together, you would say “Ooooooooh! Chair!!!!!”

Thanks for the fun.




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