Riding the Heat Wave

Lately, it’s been pretty hot around here. Temps reaching upper 90s and a little above 100. Your dad says that one of my favorite new topics of conversation is the air-conditioner. And it’s true that I really do have a crush on that wonderful piece of machinery.

So, we haven’t done a lot of outdoor playing or exploration lately. Except to the pool which we have done almost every afternoon this week.

But we have done a lot of indoor adventuring and playing.

Lots of mommy’s least favorite Judah’s favorite game “dump it out.” The snack onto the couch, the q-tips into the tunnel…

The curtains make a decent tent to hide behind

A few trips to Ikea where we climb on every piece of furniture, open every drawer and play with every toy.

Reading to the bears.

A few different forts. And let’s just say that your dad is the reigning king of making forts. His are way more creative than mine and include things like a tunnel entrance, a pack n’ play turned on it’s side, etc.

Tonight you and your dad worked together to put the bassinet in our room. One more step in the process of getting ready for baby. Baby 2, you have REALLY grown lately. And you’ve been moving a lot more. A head butt to the bladder here. A punch to the kidneys there. I feel you, little one. You also get the hiccups at least once a day, just like your brother did.


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