Our garden is exploding.

With weirdly twisted carrots, carefully washed by tiny hands.

Various peppers and tomatoes.Lots of squash and zuchinni.

But the biggest news today was that we got to be in the Whiz Bang Days Parade! We had told Judah about it the other day and he has been SO excited. Mostly because he knew he got to ride in a fire engine. So today as soon as he woke up from his nap he said “Parade! Ride fire engine!!”

The excitement began even before the parade. As we waited to get on the trucks, Judah stood next to the Robbinsdale band and danced and danced, clapping his hands wildly.


He was so excited, waving to the crowds as we went past yelling out “PARADE!!”

Tonight, after all the excitement, he was a little wild child, running and spinning around the house until he collapsed at bed time.

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