39 Weeks

“I wait in the rain,
but I don’t complain,
because I wait for you…”

-Ingrid Michaelson



Dear Baby 2,

We are 39 weeks (well, on Thursday we will be). I think in the past couple days, you have dropped even lower. It’s even MORE uncomfortable to move around. Especially getting up from  a sitting position. It feels like I did two-hundred sit-ups, working mostly on my lower abs. That kind of pain, until I waddle into it for a while.

The process of waiting is just amazing to me. I have no earthly idea when my body will start the beginning stages of labor. Today we went to the midwife and everything was exactly the same as last week. Exact same weight to the oz. Exact same blood pressure.

You are in there developing the last important touches before you begin your life. I’ve heard there’s a lot of lung and brain development that still happens, your intestines are developing so you can digest easier, and you are building up your weight to make sure your body can regulate its temperature in the outside world. It is amazing to me that it is the hormones inside YOUR body that trigger birth, not mine. How your body somehow knows when it’s time.

While we wait for you, we are enjoying a lazy, rainy day today.

Your brother is getting excited and always wants to “see the baby.” I’m pretty sure he thinks that my belly button is the baby. He pats my belly and talks about you. He is excited to “hold the baby.” And once in a while will say “Baby, come out!”

Love you. Take your time and do what you need to do. 🙂









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