Dear Baby 2,

Something you will learn around here is that summers are little bit crazy. Your dad’s job is in its busiest season during the summer months. We always take a deep breath and prepare for the chaos when May rolls around. I remember looking at this schedule and thinking through the busy summer ahead  for all of us. I remember wondering if I would have the energy to carry and grow you while chasing your brother around.

And now, we’re in the home stretch.

We are literally days away from your “due date,” and days away from your dad’s last day of the summer.

We are working on hanging back up all the pictures and fixing up the shelves in your room. And I came across these pictures from the day we found out we were pregnant.

I had a small suspicion that I was pregnant so we had bought pregnancy tests and I was going to take them that night when your dad got home from work.

Well, I couldn’t wait. So I thought, I will take them this morning and tell Jason in a creative way tonight if we are pregnant. (Wrapping up the pregnancy test or making a “baby” themed dinner).  It was going to be a GREAT surprise.

I took the test literally a few minutes after your dad had left from work. And as soon as I saw that positive sign… I knew there was no way I could sit quietly with that information all day long. But I couldn’t tell anyone else BEFORE I told your dad… So…I did this:



It says, “My goal was to take the test this morning so I could tell you after work. But I can’t keep it to myself all day. We are going to have another baby. Holy cow!!”

Yep, I told your dad about you in a text message… When we came across the pictures this morning I said “Well, we’ll always remember. I have pictures.” And your dad said “I wasn’t about to forget.”

He called me immediately and said “I CANNOT believe you told me that in a text message!!!!” After getting over the initial shock and getting over my not-so-great planning, we laughed and celebrated.


Me: Wowowowoow. Wild day so far

Dad: I am still in shock. In a good way.

Me: Me too.


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