Due Date + 3

Today we played a lot of blocks.

We made blocks that were fire fighters, trains, fire engines, sharks, and my personal favorite “hop-n-pops.” When Judah was making the “hop-n-pops,” he made a wall and said “All play ball! Fall off the wall.”

So those two blocks were really these guys. Pretty amazing imagination.


Another current favorite game is “Mommy/Baby.” He picks a couple animals (usually two toys of the same animal…in this instance a sea horse and a whale) and says “Mommy ____. Baby ____.” Then he makes them snuggle and says “awwwww…”

We made blueberry pancakes for lunch. Then we went on a long walk, stopping to play at the park. Later we took Penny on another walk so we did about three miles today…not trying to encourage labor or anything.

Only a couple more days until your dad is completely done with his crazy summer of work. Maybe, Baby 2, you are just waiting for him to finish?


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