More Judah Quotes:

At night before bed we say prayers with Judah, and we thank God for things in our day. He adds his own thankfulness for things like:
-“Watching Football”
-“That I don’t sleep in the basement.”

“You have my heart, Mom.” He said while listening to his favorite song.

“You got a fire call, Dad? No, you can stay here. Take your shoes off, Dad.”

“Dad’s brave. Daddy’s not afraid of the dark.” (For the record, neither is Judah…but Monkey George was in one episode).

“Daddy, whatchu singin’?” (While dad was singing along loudly with “God Bless America” during a football game). “You singin’ ’bout ‘Merica??”

“I don’t eat playdough. I eat food.” He said with the playdough half an inch from his mouth….and wet with spit…

“THIS IS AMAZING!! THIS IS AMAZING!!” He yelled while inside the peaceful and quiet St. Paul Cathedral.

“Leftie Loose-y, Righty tighty. Even in space.” (Referring to a Monkey George episode). “Even for Monkeys!”

(80% of these were said in the past ten minutes…) Soon, I will sit down with more pictures and a note to Judah on his second birthday/a belated happy Month birthday to Ruby.”


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