The Odd Couple

Right now, miraculously, you two are sleeping at the same time. I know my time is short and I don’t know when the next time is that I’ll will have to sit at the computer and update. It could be at least another week…SO my goal in this short time is to write quite a few posts that I’ve been meaning to write.

This post is about Penny.

You don’t hear about her much here lately, because she is usually so full of energy that we don’t have her around you guys too much. She doesn’t know her own strength.

(playing chase with Penny)

But since Ruby has been here, Penny has been miraculously well-behaved. (Well…not when we have company, but that’s another story).

Most of the time she just lays around and enjoys being with us. I even let her stay in the living room with us when there are toys out and it’s just the three of us (i.e. no other adults to help me corral Penny).

(Judah helping Penny dig a hole)

We have taken to calling Judah and Penny “The Odd Couple,” because all of a sudden they are buddies who just wander around the backyard together doing weird things. Occasionally, (like this morning), Penny will still give enough repetitive face-licks to make Judah cry.

But for the most part, they are just meandering together enjoying each other’s company.

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