This post is brought to you by “The Super Readers” on PBS who are currently entertaining Judah. And by a lovely, cloudy day that has encouraged Ruby to take a nap this morning.

Which gives me time to myself! Miraculous.

We laugh often here. Because life has the funny little small moments and we don’t want to miss them. And because life’s not always easy, but carrying joy makes our loads lighter.
Like yesterday when Judah found his dad’s deodorant.

And put it on…his chest

his chin

and his tongue…until I told him to stop. By the time he was done he smelled like a teenage boy who had just discovered cologne…

Or like last night when Penny chewing her bone on her blanket left a big impression on Judah. He got a blanket of his own (I wouldn’t let him lay on Penny’s blanket…it smells like dog). Grabbed Penny’s bone and before I could stop him had it in his mouth.

(Post bath we’ve been having diaper time lately. He loves being without PJ’s).
And this beauty that I found this morning while putting pictures away on the desktop. (Jason will be thrilled that I put this on the internet). One of the reasons I love my husband is because he has so much fun with his kids and is an incredible dad.

Judah was rocking the motorcycle at the park.

And his dad was rocking the little horse. (And looking a bit competitive).


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