On Fighting With My Kids

Dear Loves,

Some days are a fight from start to finish.

From that moment Judah wakes up and every answer is “no.”

No to diaper changes. No to changing out of pi’s. No to wearing that shirt. No to everything offered at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

There are messes, everywhere.

And little tiny catastrophes keep popping up that prevent me from cleaning up the last catastrophe.

From the full oil container spilled in the garage, to washing Snuggle Bear in the sink and dragging him dripping all throughout the first floor.  There’s dumping out an entire cup of tea in the living room.

And there is baby spit-up EVERYWHERE: on the couch, on my clothes, on the blanket, on Ruby’s clothes. But mostly, in my cleavage.

There’s a fuss here, followed by a cry there. When the kids are content the dog starts in whining or destroying something.

It takes over an hour to get out the door.

Limits are pushed. Boundaries are tested.

And babies won’t sleep unless they are being held.

There’s a fight within me, to keep patience, and to speak kindly.

There is a fight within me to continue to try and love you like Jesus loves you.

I am fighting against feeling entitlement to angelic behavior from you guys.

Because we went out TWICE today to do fun things today. I want to give you room to be human, but still keep a peaceful mind.

Sometimes it’s a mental battle to try to switch to counting blessings instead of counting all the things that didn’t go right today.

And sometimes I fail.

But I promise you this: I will stay in the fight. I will keep fighting to turn my heart towards Jesus and away from petty annoyances or frustrations. I will keep fighting to show you a love that is patient and kind.

I will fight to exhibit peace, joy, love, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control. Because this is the way to LIFE. Beautiful, true life.

And in love, I will fight with you. Because it’s only so long that a diaper can hold all that liquid.

And you have to eat something to keep going so wild and crazy all day.

And we have to wear shoes when we go out.

And you can’t leave chunky spit-up all over your face.

There are limits and boundaries in life, starting with life at home.

I also promise to fight for you and to be on your side in the battles you fight throughout life.

To fight to help you see the good in yourself on the bad days. To fight against the desire to hide who you really are to fit in. To fight with you through monotonous seasons or days that are so hard you just want to hide under your pillow and forget about it.

So, darlings, tip your sippy cups and we’ll cheers.

Here’s to a life full of good (and bad) fights.


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