Ruby 2 Months Old

So…the goal was to write everyday for a month. And to stick to one topic: celebrating the small stuff in life. But I now see that’s not really feasible in this season of life. My time at the computer is a little too scattered and unpredictable. So I will go back to the norm: writing when I can. 🙂

Today, Ruby Eden, you are two months old.

My goodness, you are a peaceful child. You cry very rarely, and usually the reason is because you can’t get to milk fast enough. This happens maybe every few days? (Like if we are driving home in the car and you get hungry). Otherwise you just start kicking and making some faces and I know it’s time to eat.


You are still sleeping great during at night. Generally waking two to three times, then falling right back to sleep after you eat. During the day, it’s really inconsistent. Somedays you’ll nap most of the day, then others you may nap a few short ones.

(Hat from your Aunt Mallori)
You are such a joy. I have found myself wishing for more minutes to just sit close and enjoy you at this stage. You really are growing so fast. Tomorrow we head to the Doctor to get your 2 month check up!

You are loved, sweet girl!



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