Today I woke up to gray skies.

I needed to go to the grocery store, but the idea of the hour long process to get everyone out the door and in and out of the car several times made me tired just thinking about it.

So we stayed in. We watched a lot of PBS (for Judah), pulled a blanket onto the floor, and ate some cheese and crackers.

And once Ruby fell asleep, I decided to get my workout done while Judah was awake, so that I could relax during his nap. He had no pants on (he wasn’t interested in those today) but wanted his shoes on so he could join me. After one exercise he just pulled toys all around me while I worked out…then decided to help me with my workout.

After my workout, I felt so much more ready for the day. Like we might actually get out of the house together this afternoon. We’ll see!


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  1. I’m a fellow Threadbare Momma and I wanted to stop by and say hello. *waving*

    Y’know, when our oldest was very young, a day like this would have felt like I was wasting my time. I would think that I should have been doing laundry or some other endless (and thankless) chore. It took me a long time, unfortunately, to realize that a day spent hanging out with the kiddos is priceless. My mom would try and tell me that children actually need days like that and so did I. She’d say that it would give me a chance to really ‘see’ my kids (and enjoy them) and not just the messes they make. *sigh* I should have listened to her advice sooner!

    Also, your children are beautiful. Seriously. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anna K.

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