Thanksgiving and Christmas Prep

Dear Judah and Ruby,

We spent Thanksgiving week at home this year. It was one of the few times we haven’t made the travel to Missouri to visit family for the holidays. We are trying to figure out what the holidays look like as a family of four. So this week, your dad took off the entire week. And we had some adventures (the zoo, the fire station, playing legos at the Mall of America, play places, the library, etc.). And we had a huge project: repainting the kitchen walls and cabinet.


So now it’s lighter and brighter. I love it so far.

Then the real fun began. This weekend we began setting up our Christmas stuff. I cannot believe how amazing it is to see Christmas through your eyes, Judah.

Ruby, it probably won’t get exciting for you for another few years. But I cannot wait until it does.

So we made a gingerbread house.

And Judah, your joy was so contagious. You would run in to grab your dad from the living room and have him come see your house. This happened over and over.

It also snowed for the first time this year. Judah, you wanted so bad to build a snowman, but the snow was too powdery. We will hopefully get a chance soon. You settled for raking the snow around the backyard.

We’ve got our tree set up, and Christmas music plays often around here.

Your dad and I are dreaming up ways to show you how Jesus changed everything when He came. We want this time to be about inviting you into the Kingdom and the beautiful work that God has for us. Work of love and peace. Grace and giving. Joy and delight. We hope to spend the days of advent seeking out ways to live out Christ’s love with you guys in tangible ways.

More on that to come!



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