6 Months

Today, we are in survival mode. We are having a sweatpants-all-day, lots of PBS cartoons, and please, please, please children take long naps kind of day. Last night Ruby didn’t feel good and was up several times an hour. She was uncomfortable, and had trouble breathing through her stuffy nose. This morning she was up at six, thwarting her dad and my attempts to wake up before the kids to have time to read and prepare for our days (for the second day in a row). Judah was up shortly after.

So, Ruby’s napping. Judah’s watching PBS and I’m editing pictures from a wedding that I did photos for. And drinking lots and lots of tea.




You are six months today. It went by so fast. You are so socially aware lately. If you are awake, you want to be interacting. In the past month or so, I feel like I’m really starting to get a taste of life with two kids. Before, I would just bring you from room to room and you would either sleep while I held you or just sit looking around. Now, you want to be a part of the action and want to explore toys too.

You are still sleeping pretty well, (when not sick) through the night. And you still have a pretty crazy nap schedule. You and your brother have this uncanny knack for making sure not to over lap nap/sleep schedules. You literally wake up within a few minutes of when he goes to sleep and vice versa.

You are rolling towards things that you want to play with and sitting up on your own for a lot longer. You have started to reach towards things while sitting without falling over. We head to your six month appointment next week, so more then!

Love you,



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