One of my favorite bloggers, Lisa-Jo, has been talking this “What Mama Did,” the legacy our moms have left us. The richness and depth of my mom’s impact in my life as only grown as I have become a mom myself.

So I wanted to join into Lisa-Jo’s “Five Minute Friday,” where she picks a topic each week and encourages people to write about it for five minutes. No editing, no over thinking. Just a quick write.


Ready…here we go:

When I think about my mom, there are so many directions I could go with this. My mom is a powerhouse of love for us.

And yet, I have memories of when her limit of hearing the word “MOM!” yelled from the four of us girls over and over throughout the day had been reached. I laugh now, as a mom, when I think of her at the washing machine saying in a frustrated tone: “I DON’T WANT TO BE THE MOM ANYMORE.” I have had that thought myself, some days.

But one of the biggest gifts, my mom gave us was the gift of being interrupted. We interrupted her life from the moment that we were developing in her body. I know that now, that we kicked her bladder, and made her back achey. I know that after we were born we interrupted her sleep…for the rest of her life. But I don’t remember her complaining. What I remember is having bad dreams and going in late at night, and mom always pushing back the need for sleep to tuck me back in and soothe my fears. I remember all the swim meets she came to (where I came in last place). I remember the horseback riding lesson she dropped me off at. The way that she put aside her schedule and often her needs for every one of us girls.

And she still does. She was on call, from nine hours away during both of my pregnancies, waiting like a racer at the starting line for that “I’m in labor” phone call. She is currently with my little sister in Seattle, nursing her back to health and caring for her dog after tonsils removal. She has interrupted her life and schedule countless times. Walked through our rebellions and heartaches. Gone through eating disorders and addictions with us. Watched and lavished love upon our children. Even when these things didn’t come easy for her. She has always taken the hard steps towards loving us.

She is a wonder of Christ’s loving sacrifice who taught me that love bears all things.

End of  time (I went a little over…).



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  1. so true it feels ordinary when I’m not looking at it from a different perspective, my mama eyes can become quite blind to the extraordinary in my life

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