Five Minute Friday: Ordinary

I’m joining once again with Lisa-Jo to do the five minute Friday.

[And begin timer!]


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And that is how it begins. A record of our very ordinary days. Ordinary people tied together by love and family bloodlines. In our ordinary house with our ordinary dog. Living ordinary daily moments.

But when I slow down, when I open my eyes to really see… It’s extraordinary. Those curious two and a half old eyes see everything. They behold it all in wonder. Running on wild skinny legs through the house. There is NO ordinary moment with that one. Wide-eyed and crazy-haired, feasting on each day of life.

That almost seven month old baby, who opens more and more daily to life. She picks up a toy in her hand and slowly turns it this way and that. It catches the light and blazes in her eyes. Moment by moment, life unfolds to her in explosions of discovery.

That dog, who has never met a thing she didn’t want to chew on. Treating every second as the most enthusiastically exciting thing that has ever happened to her.

That man who has lived with me in my everyday ordinary and still mananges to see beauty and delight.

Perhaps there is nothing ordinary about my surroundings after all.

[End time]


3 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Ordinary

    1. Thanks, Lisa. I just stopped by your blog and read your BEAUTIFUL poem. So, so lovely and drenched in love. My phone would not let me comment, so I hope you see this.

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