Five Minute Friday: Rest

Linking up again with sweet Lisa-Jo.

This weeks topic is REST.

(Ready, set, GO!)

It happens when I least expect it. In the middle of a week with the husband out of town and exhaustion moving in as my replacement companion. When the children don’t nap together, and I’m pacing around the floors of our house with a carrier trying and trying to get her to sleep so I can take my first shower since Sunday.

It’s dark in the house, save the light from a crack in the bathroom door and candles in the kitchen and living room. My pacing turns to prayer and this life of serving and pouring out who I am into these little bodies becomes God-breathed.

I’m glad that I have shoes off, because clearly this is holy ground.

It’s not what I expected or maybe thought I wanted: a break long enough to shower, a night of uninterrupted sleep, a self-cleaning house.

But it builds me and readies me for the next act of love.



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