On loving when it’s not pretty

“Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you…”

-Jesus (Matthew 5:44)

I am taking a breather. I have been fighting with Judah all afternoon, at every turn. About putting shoes on, about getting diapers changed. About getting a diaper back on once the diaper was changed. I say tomato and he says eggplant…

So as he kicked his feet out of the boots that I was trying to get on him so we could go out the door and do something fun; I said his name harshly, and set him in the corner for time out. I walked away quietly.

I needed to pray. To pray blessing over him. To admit my own failures and impatience.

To take a moment and realize that sometimes my children will be lovable and blow me away with their kindness and sweetness.

And sometimes, they will treat me as “the enemy.” They might disobey me at every turn, like today. But I can gently pray for them. Gather myself before God. Be clothed in Christ’s humility, steadfast love, and gentleness… then step back in to start again.

And it’s just a small practice of living Christ’s love in a broken world.

“Loving a person, just the way they are is no small thing.” (Sara Groves)


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