Dear Judah,

Sometimes my job as a parent is to keep a straight face and be the adult in charge when I really just want to crack up.

I was feeding Ruby peacefully when I realized that it was altogether TOO QUIET.

Me: (from the living room) Ummm…Judah??

Judah: Yes, mama?

Me: What are you doing?

Judah: I’m putting lotion on my legs, because they are SO dry.

At that moment I knew what was happening. The only “lotion” in the guest room was diaper ointment. And you don’t things half-heartedly.

You had used well over half the tube and were pretty proud of yourself.


This age that you are at is full of so many twists and turns.


There are these moments of hilarity. Moments of tender sweetness.

When you randomly start praying in the car, “Dear God, thank you for our teachers and our food.” Or when I ask you to pray for mama to have energy (like a few minutes ago) and you run across the room, lay on the couch and pray “Dear God, give mama energy.” Then you run back to me smiling and saying “I prayed!”


Moments of watching  you discover the world in wonder.


Then there are moments where my job is to hold tight to patience and steadfast love in the midst of tumultuous two year tantrums. Or repetitive defiance (ie a continued rebellion against getting in your carseat in the car). There is the fact that at two and a half you have decided to give up naps most days. (Today you yelled from your bed for two hours).

You keep me on my toes. You keep me going. You keep me praying.


You teach me that relationships are ever-changing and have ever-growing potential. You teach me that life is a new adventure unfolding not just everyday, but every minute.

I love you, all of you, no matter what.



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